3D Scanning and Reverse Engineering

3D Scanning and Reverse EngineeringCISD provide a service of 3D scanning in order to capture the surface data of a part or object. This data can then be used to reverse engineer the product or part which in turn can create useful CAD or geometric data. Using either laser scanning or structured light technology from our Roland and David equipment we can scan part sizes from 60mm to 500mm with a resolution down to 0.06mm.

We use this technology during the product development phase with hand formed clay or foam models to capture complex surface geometry, often for ergonomic issues. Also when retro fitting a part to an existing product e.g. cover for a tablet or smart phone, 3D scanning is necessary to capture accurate data if there are surfaces that cannot be measured using standard methods i.e. vernier callipers.

The design process uses the data captured as either OBJ, STL or PLY files and imports one of these files into our Creo CAD software. These files can then be used as detailed references from which to build or modify 3D CAD files. The scanned data provides us with confidence that parts will fit as they should when going to prototype phase reducing design changes or issues during the development phase.