Computer Aided Engineering (CAE)

Computer Aided Engineering (CAE)To optimise a part/products performance and efficiently aid the design process, CISD uses PTC Creo Simulation tools, Simulate and Mechanism extensions to modify designs, quickly and easily, reducing errors, decreasing weight and ensure cost-effective manufacturing processes and choice of materials.

With this technology part performance studies can be carried out on virtual 3D prototypes which can allow us to increase quality and innovation by allowing quick, real-time comparisons of multiple design iterations and variations. These analyses can give us detailed data that supplies insight into how product designs might perform in real world applications. Ultimately this process should decrease development costs by reducing the need for physical prototype testing.

For CISD the primary issues we can study within the CAE process are:

•    Structural – These include linear static, modal, buckling and contact analyses.
•    Thermal – Steady State Thermal
•    Mechanism – Dynamic force behaviour, sizing motors, springs and dampers.