Engineering 2D Drawings

Engineering 2D DrawingsCISD can produce 2D CAD working engineering drawings either as part of the development of products or as a stand alone service. These drawings are produced within Creo 3D CAD software and the drawings themselves reference 3D CAD parametric models. This system is more accurate and efficient in relation to design changes when compared to dedicated 2D CAD software packages.

2D drawings would normally be used as a reference in conjunction with a 3D CAD model which represents the parts geometry in more detail. The drawing however could have vital information that the 3D CAD model may not such as critical dimensions, material, colours, cross-sections, surface finish, tolerances, quantities etc. and can highlight any other relevant information.
The drawings can be useful also for Patent applications which are normally specified as line drawings.

2D drawings can be exported as numerous file types e.g. dxf, pdf, dwg etc. so a partner company/client that does not utilise 3D CAD can ascertain the information required from the product or part design and use within their own CAD system e.g. AutoCAD.