Surface and Solid 3D CAD Modelling and Assemblies

Surface and Solid 3D CAD Modelling and AssembliesAs part of a stand alone, partial or full product development process CISD can provide 3D CAD models of components and/or full assemblies using either solid or complex surface modelling techniques. The CAD software we use is a very powerful parametric software package from PTC, Creo (Formerly Pro-Engineer).

Working from basic hand sketches, a physical part, 2D drawings or even a description we can interpret and build to exact requirements high quality 3D CAD data which can be used for product concept visualisation, quotation for tooling, 3D printing, patent applications, structural or thermal analyses, detailed 2D CAD working drawings etc.

Generally speaking for basic forms and shapes solid modelling techniques will suffice but for more complex shapes often seen in plastic parts surface modelling techniques are required. CISD specialises in surface modelling with Creo and can generate complex forms that require a high aesthetic level, commonly called class A surfaces e.g. car bodies and consumer product outer forms such as a computer mouse.

CISD have a policy of top down design using master modelling techniques so design changes can be controlled easily and quickly, essential when working with complex forms which utilises Creo’s parametric capabilities to its full extent. Large assemblies are again controlled using top down design techniques with master and/or skeleton models so mechanisms can be quickly changed and the iterative design process can happen easily and in a short time frame.