Material Analysis and Development -- PharmaceuticalsFrom 2007-2014 we have completed 137 projects for 12 companies in the Pharmaceutical sector. We provide the necessary analytical expertise and product testing experience needed in the characterisation and analysis of pharmaceutical based products.

CISD offers a range of services including:

•    Combination device testing
•    Drug analysis
•    Excipient testing
•    Lot release testing
•    Raw material testing

Each of the service offered is carried out to the necessary ASTM, BS and ISO standards. If necessary we can develop and validate new test methods for your specific requirements.

Our Pharmaceutical experience includes:

•    Chemical identity evaluation
•    Raw material identification
•    Packaging
•    Extractable and Leachable Testing and analysis
•    Conformity issues such as strength, purity and quality
•    Failure analysis
•    Colour analysis
•    Coatings
•    Formulation Development
•    Solvent Issues
•    Stability Testing ( Both active and excipient)
•    Factory Visits and Consultation

We collaborate with our clients to provide timely and precise solutions to the challenges they are facing.